Ministry N.O.W. Teams

Nurture Outreach Witness

These are the various ministries that our community of faith is involved in. Many of these we have supported for years, others are relatatively new. Our ministries are always changing and evolving so check in regularly to see what's new or to become involved.

As with all ministries, we strive to adhere to our covenant.

Ministry Teams Report To:

Pastor – Rev. Cheryl A. Wuensch

Lay Leader—Jackie Lownie



Worship: Marsha Medlin, Margaret Stroh

       Margret has this to say about the Worship Ministry: "I am a member of the Worship Committee where we discuss topics for church services. I help decide on scripture, children's message topics, and music selections .I give of my time when needed to put together programs and materials like the Hanging of the Greens, Christmas Eve Program and on Ash Wednesday applied ashes to the needy in our area."


Greeters and Ushers: Holmes Benge, John Porter


Music Ministry (The Cornerstones) ; Evan Song, Kathleen Friend, Claire Song,  Jim Medlin, Anita Seivert,

Carol Garwood, Don Garwood, Ali Francis,  Nico Trevino , William Santiago

       Jim had this to say about the Cornerstones; " We're a group of musicians and singers who praise and worship with both contemporary Christian rock and traditional music"


Communion: Margaret Stroh, Jerri Ecclestone

        Jerri says;  "On the first Sunday of each month, along with other special occasions, a communion service is included. It is my honor and privilege to provide the names of persons to assist with this service."

        Margret adds; "In regards to Communion each month, I buy the bread and juice and set them up on the alter. I also clean up afterward. Sometimes I help Pastor Cheryl during the communion part of the Service."


Education: Anita Seivert (Children), Curt and Debbie Warmington(Adult)

        Anita is excited to say : "Children’s ministry is our ongoing passion to give children who come in our doors the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ! Come join us"

        Curt explains : "We coordinate and offer adult Sunday school and some evening Bible studies. We welcome ideas and enjoy having others teach sessions. Most classes run about six weeks and include a videos or a DVD. Recent studies include John Westley, Prayer Beads, Gospel of John, and a Study of Paul"

Caring Ministries: Marsha Medlin, Jackie Lownie, Jan Cope

                         (Home, Hospital and Care Facility Visits, Communion to Home Bound): 

        Jackie says this about the Prayer Chain; "In-between worship services prayer requests are conveyed via a telephone tree and e-mail, , keeping participants in touch with God and each other. Anyone in the congregation can request prayer for themselves, family, or friends."

       If you would like to become a part of this ministry please contact our church office


Parish Nurse: Marsha Medlin, RN



Orthopedic Equipment: Jim Medlin

            Jim in partnership with the church have a medical lending ministry: "Our medical lending closet has wheelchairs, walkers, canes,crutches, shower chairs, and bedside commodes. All are clean and ready when you need them. Use these items for as long as needed. When returning the items be sure to clean and bleached them for the next use. Please contact the office if you need something or would like to donate an item no longer needed. We do not accept any personal items: i.e. urinals, bedpans, egg crate or inflatable mattress, etc."


12-Step Ministry Liaison: Ann Hills

          Ann explains ; "It is our privilege to make room for groups to meet in our church and hope it is appreciated by those attending"

Friday Meals Ministry: Debbie Warmington and the entire church!

         We provide hot meals for the community on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Fridays of every month. Outside groups as well as our own church prepare, serve, and clean up for each meal. We serve between the hours of noon to 5pm and clean-up is usually finished by 6pm. I you want more information or have a group that would be interested in helping either prepare a meal or serve, please contact the church office

Garden Ministry: Curt Warmington, Debbie Warmington

FISH Food Bank Ministry: Paul Johnson

Sister Church in Africa: Jackie Lownie



Hospitality: Ramona Johnson

Communication Ministries:

           Home Touch letter:  Marsha Medlin, Margaret Stroh, Sherry Benic

                        Margret explains about this Ministry: "We meet every Tuesday morning to put together a Home Touch Letter written by one of us, a recent church bulletin, and activity sheet that we send out to each parishioner who are unable to attend church. Included is a prayer list for them to pray for others. Every three weeks it is my turn to write my own personal letter to them. I find that it is very rewarding and vital to include all our members each week in our thoughts and prayers even if they are unable to attend church each week. Many of our home bound people have thanked us for reaching out to them."


           Audio Visual Ministries: Beth Campbell, Jim Medlin, Melinda Robertson

           Website and Social Media: Melinda Robertson

Lay Speaking: Jackie Lownie


Magical Maintenance Ministries—Holmes Benge, Don Garwood

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