This covenant embodies principles of communication, decision making and meeting

management among church members and attendees.


We will stay mindful of our many gifts—ONE SPIRIT as believers in and followers of

Jesus Christ.

  • Respect individual differences and styles; love enough to tolerate conflict.

  • Trust each other and ourselves; build trust when needed.

  • Practice active listening.

  • Celebrate, play, have fun together and laugh.


We will use the consensus model for DECISION MAKING.

  • Everyone has a chance for input and speaking on the issues.

  • Honor the process and relationships, not just the task.

  • Prioritize and manage discussion time.


We will strengthen ties within the congregation through EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

  • Report decisions in a timely manner.

  • Use our various communication methods/devices to give feedback to the congregation and the community.

  • Practice transparency (openness, honesty).


We will hold ourselves and each other ACCOUNTABLE to tasks and decisions

reached through consensus.

  • Stay aware of our commitment to the church.

  • Learn and fulfill our designated roles and allow others to fulfill their roles.

  • Apply our passions and gifts, for the greater good of the church and each other.

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